About Kids Hooked on Fishing

Our children live in an ever changing, fast paced world of technological gadgetry that promises instant gratification at the cost of social distancing and environmental desensitization. Video games, movies on demand, text messaging, and other "social networking" tools have created a budding generation of couch potatoes!

Kids Hooked on Fishing aims to motivate and change the lives of children, by having them experience nature and its surroundings by going fishing. Children will rediscover some basic instincts as they fill their time with positive fishing experiences.

Instant gratification will be replaced by patience for greater rewards. Staring for hours at a smartphone, computer, or TV will be replaced with hiking down a beach looking for tell tale signs of fish in the area and getting ready to present that perfect lure that will outsmart a fish. Fishing ethics, environmental stewardship, and safety will all be lessons learned on the path to becoming a skilled angler. Please join us in helping children choose a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our Goals

  1. Introduce kids to the benefits, values and ethics of sport fishing.

  2. Instruct kids in the skills of sport fishing and the importance of conservation.

  3. Provide access and opportunities for kids to go fishing.

  4. Insure the sustainability of recreational fisheries for the benefit of future generations.